What Makes a Place Special?

What makes a city or a place great? The architecture? The people? The food? Or is it something else entirely? A great place is more than the sum of its parts. Buildings, roads, and amenities may make a place livable, but public places that evoke a sense of vibrancy, identity and belonging make them truly special.

What is Placemaking?
Placemaking is a multidisciplinary approach to turning ordinary spaces into liveable, lovable places that people feel connected to. When done right, it strengthens community ties and spirit and transforms a neighbourhood, a city, a country, and people.

Become a Certified Placemaking Professional

We provide customisable learning pathways to becoming a certified placemaking professional. Decide your learning outcomes by choosing and pairing two or more modules in the series. From Placemaking Design Thinking to Digital Placemaking, we have something for everyone.

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Who Should Attend?

You work in the real estate and property development industries.

You work in community development, events & programmes or outreach & marketing in a placemaking environment.

You work as an architect, an urban designer or an urban planner in both public agencies & private corporations.

You’re an artist or a creative person interested in neighbourhood storytelling.

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Public spaces have the potential to become the beating heart of our communities, where we forge new memories and unforgettable experiences. When done right, placemaking transforms public spaces into places that inspire us to come together to work, collaborate, and play.

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